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You Can Love What You Do

Look forward to Monday mornings again. Caytie's 8-week premier online course is the jumpstart you need to reach your highest, most badass career potential. 

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Why this online course?

If you’re reading this page, I have a feeling you know you’re ready for a change. You already know that something greater exists for your career. You want to reject the idea that your work can’t be fulfilling or fun. Your inner voice is reminding you that for the 40 hours (or way, way more) you spend at work every week, you should be valued, compensated, or treated better.

But, something has always stopped you from making a change. Until now.

We created this course to empower ambitious, tired, striving, growing, hustling, burned-out, climbing, and savvy women to figure out exactly what they want at work. We teach you how to leverage your talents and your network to reach toward your highest career potential.

We can do all that with an online course?

You bet your badasses we can.

Join us and a community of supporters for weekly online courses (that you can access on your timeline), tools, exercises, tips, and live, group Q&A coaching sessions. Our mission is to allow you to walk away from the course feeling validated, empowered, and prepared to say, “Yes. I’m doing this. I’m making a change. I can love what I do.” This course is the game-changer you deserve.

This course is for you if: 

  • You know something greater exists for your career
  • You dread every, single Monday
  • You’re tired of applying for jobs online and never hearing back
  • You’ve cried in your cubicle
  • You have no clue what you want to do, but you know you haven’t found it yet
  • You know what you want in your career, but you’ve told yourself you’re not good enough, smart enough, experienced enough, or educated enough
  • You have just accepted the fact that work is supposed to suck
  • You’re afraid leaving is going to let people down
  • You feel selfish about wanting more
  • You’re too afraid to make a change
  • You've used the excuse that you can’t afford to make a change
  • You need supporters who will push you to follow your dreams

This is not a how to use Linked-In course. It's a deep dive into

  • Defining success on your terms
  • Finding clarity in your career goals
  • Surrounding yourself with true supporters
  • Asking for help
  • Learning to negotiate
  • Owning an interview
  • Building career-launching relationships
  • Making life-changing, difficult decisions
Let's Do This!

Where, When, and How Much?

Online Format

Your content will be delivered to you in an easy-to-use online portal. Each week, you'll receive audio classes from Caytie, printable homework packets, and other bonus materials. In a private Facebook group, Caytie will host weekly coaching sessions. You can watch, comment, and ask live questions, or you can watch the recordings on your own schedule. You don't need a degree in computer science to access these classes. If you found this page, you already have everything it takes to access the class. 


The online course content launches the week of October 8th and will run for eight consecutive weeks. (But don't worry; you'll have access to all content and classes even if you miss a live online session.) Content is released at 10:00 AM Central every Monday including the week of Thanksgiving. You'll receive a schedule for 10 hours of live coaching sessions when you sign up. 


After privately coaching dozens of savvy women through the same process of finding clarity and surpassing their wildest career ambitions, Caytie has condensed the experience into this eight-week community-centered course. Her one-on-one coaching clients pay over $5,500 for this. But not you! You'll not only have access to Caytie, her tools, and her encouragement, you'll also have a cohort of like-minded, badass women to raise you up and hold you accountable. We're offering all of this for the one-time investment of $495.00. 


Are we seriously offering $5,565 of coaching value for $495?

Yes. Yes we are.


What's included? 

For a one-time payment of $495, you receive:

  • 8 weeks of Caytie's carefully curated classes and homework packets, designed to help you find clarity and go after your dream job ($2,585 value)
  • 3 bonus classes covering staying focused at your current job, how (and when) to talk about money, and how to grow your sphere of influence ($795 value)
  • 10 hours of live Q&A coaching with Caytie where she'll answer your burning questions and help you keep moving ($2,185 value)
  • A community of support within a private Facebook group of other ambitious, savvy women who are looking to make the same kind of professional change you are (Priceless relationships, connections, and support)
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You Can Love What You Do

And you can start right now. You deserve it.

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